The secret of life quality

Real innovation doesn’t need to be seen, but felt

There is something invisible that we can all feel. It is the silence during the navigation. The clean air winding all around you. The protection against the electromagnetic pollution. The perfection of a vanguard automation system. The real comfort is a matter of balancing technology, design, sensibility and respect for the environment. Many little and wisely hidden solutions that increase the quality of life and the value of a mega yacht.

Silence is silver

Our experience and know-how in the field of insulation technology, along with study and calculation made by the best consulting expert in Europe, allow us to obtain the highest results in terms of noise and vibration reduction.

The Plus of being Green

The yachts made in Tankoa shipyard are built following the last regulation in terms of Maritime Pollution Prevention, achieving the special annotation of Green Plus. Our yachts go through the wind tunnel test at Schiffbautechnische Versuchsanstalt LTD, in Vienna, making sure that the engine exhausts are sent to the funnel for avoiding smoke interference with the life on board. Tankoa’s yachts obtain the double class certification: Lloyd’s and RINA, along with the survey of the M.C.A.

Safety under control

Tankoa’s research and development team continuously work to achieve the best result for safety and well-being on board. EMC and power quality are amongst Tankoa’s main priorities and we invest to reduce the pollution of electromagnetic fields.