Welcome to Tankoa Yachts Shipyard

Whatever your dream, Tankoa Yachts 
is your partner

Born of a fathomless passion for the sea and the power of the elements, Tankoa Yachts was created to embody the concept of “thinking big”. Dedicated to the building of custom-craft mega yachts and first class after sale services, the mission of Tankoa is to partner with each yacht owner in the realization of their Dream - charting new routes to incredible destinations, excelling in technology and elegance and, last but not least, freeing their unique identity and way of living the sea.

Head office

An avant-garde five storey multi-service block for the executive management, administration, technical and commercial offices.


The yard flaunts 3.600 square meters of cement sheds that reach 18 meters in height and include two climate controlled production areas, each measuring 90 meters in length and 20 meters in width. They both include an independent operational department.


250 meters long by 20 meters wide, with over 11.000 square metres of water surface, the quay allows for the mooring and maneuver of large vessels. A further 15.000 square meters have recently been added for an extra berth. A smaller, fully equipped dock at the end of the quay provides mooring for 8-10 medium size vessels.

Shipyard location

Situated in Genoa Sestri Ponente, the Tankoa Yachts shipyard thrives at the heart of a city with a millennial tradition of navigation and ship building, offering a unique context and the added value of a strategic position in the Mediterranean sea.