Perfect with your touch

The quality of a design is something tangible and testable. Using instruments we can measure the excellence of a yacht realization and its respect for the environment. In the sphere of dreams, the quality belongs to a different kind of nature. It is a feeling, something intimate and unique which lives in our desires. We keep our projects open and receptive because we want to encourage the yacht Owner’s choices of customization and help him reach his own perfection with his distinctive touch.

Together we create the shape of your mega dream

Since 20 years, Tankoa Yachts management team works together with Francesco Paszkowski’s Design Studio starting from the concept arriving to the realization through a natural and smooth process, sharing ideas, aiming to create the perfect shape with the yacht Owner’s wishes.

Our yachts are inspired by a design which is defined via the cohesive architectural homogeneity within the interior and exterior area