The shipyard’s outstanding dock

The self-submerging dry-dock, christened “Karsal”, is Tankoa’s latest arrival made to complete the shipyard structure. Karsal hauls out and launches yachts up to 100 meters in length, 20 meters beam and 5 meters max draft.
The floating dry-dock is a useful tool that assures an after sales assistance to Tankoa’s clients. Furthermore, it is an important equipment that allow us to assist the Owner in reassessing or upgrading his yacht.

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Data Sheet

Name of Vessel: KARSAL
Type of Vessel: Barge-Floating Dock
Year of Modification: 2003/2012
Length O.A.: 91.440 m
Breadth (outside side blocks): 30.480 m
Breadth (inside side blocks): 24.384 m
Breadth (pontoon hull) 27.432 m
Breadth (net): 24.024 m
Pontoon Depth: 6.096 m
Max Height (top of side blocks): 17.596 m
Lifting Capacity: > 4000 ton

Maximum Lift

Lenght 100 mt
Width 20 mt
Draft 5 mt
Weight 5.000 t